Battalion Chief Jason Davison
Fire command and Hazmat instructor

Jason Davison comes to us with 20+ years of experience. He has worked in every rank, from an Explorer Cadet to Battalion Chief (Explorer, R.O.P. Student, Intern, Volunteer, Resident FF, Seasonal FF, Firefighter/Driver Operator, Lieutenant, and Battalion Chief). Jason currently works for Nevada County Consolidated Fire District in the B-Shift Battalion. Jason holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix and is finishing a master’s degree from Arizona State University. Jason is certified by Chief Fire Offices and California’s State Fire Training. He teaches at Sierra College Regional Fire Academy and Yuba College Fire Academy.
Additionally, he teaches at both colleges for online and in-person fire courses. Jason specializes in teaching HAZMAT FRO, HAZMAT Decon, Fire Control 4 Senior Instructor, Vehicle Extrication, Driver Operators 1A, and 1B, along with Chief Officer 2D. His dedication to facilitating and fostering student learning is unapparelled, and why Jason teaches for us here at Hazardous Materials Institute.

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