Confined Space Audits

Confined Space Audits

Confined Space Audit

Confined space program audits consist of a systemic and independent assessment of

operatons, equipment, procedures and overall performance of a confined space program.

Hazardous Materials Institute has been serving California communites for years. Our team has

years of experience delivering top-rated training, safety and rescue services for a wide variety

of industries. 

Our confined space inspections and training services are designed to provide our clients with relevant and realistic information that is compliant with current regulations,standards and guidelines.

Understanding Confined Space Audits

Depending on the need of the client our confined space audit team can evaluate, categorize

and photo all confined spaces, determining if they are permit or non-permit spaces. Following

the audit, HMI’s team can mark all permit required confined spaces as required by Cal-OSHA

regulations. HMI can evaluate your current policies, procedures and entry permits or develop

new documents as needed. In addition HMI personnel will provide training on the revised or

new policies and coordinate hands on training performing confined space entries/rescues.

Any Questions?

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