About Hazardous Materials Insititute

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Tell me about HMI  

At Hazardous Materials Institute (HMI), you'll have the unique opportunity to learn from the fire service's most respected experts, from basic skills to highly advanced tactics in hazardous materials, CPR/first aid, leadership, communications, and OSHA-mandated courses. At HMI, we will teach you how to get to the next level in your career and much more. No matter your experience, you'll find our courses easy to learn, inf... Read more

Our Institute's History

The Hazardous Materials Institute was founded by Battalion Chief Rich Harlan, recently retired from the Roseville City Fire Department in the northern region of California. Chief Harlan enjoyed a long career in the fire service with much of it being spent on Roseville City’s Type One Hazardous Materials Response Team. As a team specialist and coordinator, he saw extensive work within the city’s large industrial component and major west coast... Read more

Training for Employees

Introduction There are many instances where a company or organization requires its employees to undergo training before commencing high-risk work. If this is the case, we can offer training courses for industrial company employees on individual and team levels. If you're an employee, make sure not to skimp on any safety training you may be required to take: it could be the difference between staying cool in an emergency and not having the s... Read more

Providing Service To The Following Companies/Cities

· Calpine Energy - Sutter County

· Delta Diablo wastewater treatment -Antioch, Ca

· EDMUD - Oakland, Ca

· Fresno wastewater treatment- Fresno, Ca

· Pacific Engineering- San Fransico, Ca

· Teichert Construction, Ca

· Thomas Jet Fuel Tank Repair- San Deigo, Ca

· Westlake Reality-San Mateo, Ca

· Valley water- Santa Clara County, Ca

· Stanislaus County Public Works

· Menzies Aviation- San Fransico, Ca

· Ridge Way Inc-Mesa, Az

· Ponds – Saint Pa... Read more